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Is a Mini-Session Right for You?

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April 12, 2023


Spring is here – the sun is starting to shine, and all of the trees and flowers are coming to life! If you’re like me, you couldn’t be happier to shed those big sweaters and walk barefoot in the grass! 🙂 Okay okay, even if you love your sweaters, and even if you’d never walk barefoot in the grass, there’s no denying the fact that Spring is beautiful, and it’s a wonderful time to get pictures taken!

If the thought of having professional pictures taken stresses you out, I have a couple of thoughts: (1) maybe you’ve just never had a great professional photography experience (and you should give it another shot…I’d love to see you!) and (2) maybe you should try a Mini-Session. Check out what a Mini-Session is and what it is not…and see if it’s right for you! 🙂

What is a Mini-Session?

  • A Mini-Session is a very short photography session (usually 10-15 minutes).
  • A Mini-Session is held on a specific date and location chosen by the photographer.
  • A Mini-Session is very simple, organized and systematic, and sessions are held back-to-back.

What a Mini-Session is NOT…

  • A Mini-Session is not a session that is offered all of the time by the photographer.
  • A Mini-Session is not for large groups or newborns (they require much more time).
  • A Mini-Session is not suited for people who want a very creative, customized experience with lots of backdrops, locations, outfit changes, etc.

A Mini-Session may be Perfect for you if…

  • You only need a few pictures or an updated picture.
  • You have little kids (or a husband) with very little attention spans! LOL
  • You’re so busy that 10 minutes is all you have time for!
  • You want beautiful professional images without the higher price of a full session.

The Good News…

If you’re thinking a Mini-Session might be perfect for you, your family, your children, or even your Senior, then I have good news!! I am hosting a day of Mini-Sessions on May 13. They will be held at a beautiful, natural outdoor location in the Elizabethtown/Glendale/Sonora area (exact location not decided yet).

After teaching elementary school for 20 years and hosting mini-sessions for 12 years, I have a tried & true system that will give you beautiful, timeless images in a very short amount of time! It’ll be organized and simple, yet packed full of fun and joy, too!!

I’d love to see you!! You can book by clicking HERE! If you have questions or are interested in a longer, more creative and in-depth session, click HERE. I look forward to hearing from you!! 🙂

Have a great day!

~Ashlee 🙂

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