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I'm surrounded by boys!  My husband is Jonathan, Jagger is 16,  and Jack is 13.  We even have a boy dog (Hambone), two boy cats (Biscuit & Gravy), and a boy bearded dragon (Buddy)!! LOL!!  Being a boy-mom is wonderful and crazy at the same time!  There's never ever a dull moment!

I'm outnumbered!

Jonathan & I met in college - although he was on the 6 year plan, and I was right on track! Haha! :)  We got married 6/21/03.  We're both Special Education teachers (and even teach at the same school)!  Don't let the long hair and tattoos fool you.  Jonathan is the most gentle guy I know.  He's also the most talented guy I know!  He sings in a band called Van Winkle & the Spirits. Check out his music! :)

 married for 18 years

Jagger is 16, recently shot up to 6'5", and has his permit!  He is hilarious, witty, smart, & kind.  He plays club volleyball in Louisville and absolutely loves it!

Jack is 13 and has a heart of gold!  He's an amazing basketball player and loves animals more than anything.  Jack is also an incredible drummer and has a beautiful voice.  He gets that from his dad!

jagger & Jack

I've trusted in Jesus since I was 10.  After losing London, I realized when nothing in this world could ease my pain, my hope in Jesus could.  I mess up every single day, but I know he loves me anyway - brokenness and all.  And he loves you, too!!  There is hope in Jesus - a hope that this world can't give.  If you need a little daily hope, I recommend Rick Warren's Daily Hope devotional.  It is truly life changing (along with the Bible, of course).  

I'm a believer. 

Working with kids is my jam!  This is my 20th year as an elementary special education teacher!  I spend my days working with 1st graders.  We laugh a lot, wipe tears, overcome obstacles and celebrate victories...even the small ones!  And I have been known to act a little crazy!! LOL! 

I'm a special 
education teacher.

Our home was built in 1875 and was basically condemned when we bought it!  To see it come back to life was a lot of work, but such a blessing!  It was once used as a funeral home & a dentist office. There are definitely headaches with an old home, but it has lots of character, too.  London's Studio (my in-home studio) is located here.

our home
(& London's Studio)

I absolutely love the beach! Give me all the sunshine, palm trees, ocean waves, sand...and even the heat! I really don't have a care in the world when I'm at the beach.  

the beach is my 
happy place.

It had snowed a foot, and we were out of school for an entire week.  Cabin fever was in full swing!  It was actually Jagger's idea to wear the helmets! Haha :)  This is childhood at it's finest!  

My "Stair Sledding" image has won both national & international  awards, has been featured by major organizations, is currently sold throughout the country on a greeting card, and has gone viral on the internet. It makes me happy that it has brought so much joy and nostalgia to people around the world!

my favorite picture ever

Yep, that's me on the right...sporting my mullet, thick pink glasses, crooked teeth, and squinting in the sun!!! LOL!!!  My sister had brown glasses...not sure where they were in this picture!!  And, yes, that's our dad with the flat-top in the background!!  Man, I love old pictures!!  

I had a mullet & 
thick glasses!!

London is my only daughter & the namesake of my business.  I would love to share her story with you!

meet london

my why

Two days in our arms;
forever in our hearts

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Thank you!

I believe that the most beautiful moments in life are not scripted; that laughter is the best medicine (along with the beach)!! I believe that life is messy, hard, and wonderful all at the same time. I believe in hugging those you love & always lifting people up! I believe you can never say "I Love You" enough!  I also believe that making your bed every day is overrated and that everyone should eat cake for breakfast!  Haha! :)      

I believe there is so much more to photography than simply taking a pretty picture. I want to capture honest moments that make you feel something! I strive to capture life as it unfolds...real, imperfect, wonderful, beautiful life! I believe you will never regret having images of you loving, hugging, laughing, playing, and enjoying life with those you love. Let's forget perfection and embrace connection!  We're all too busy, and life is flying by!  Let's slow down together for just a little while, and capture moments that truly make your heart smile! I can't wait to see you! :)  

My Philosophy

enjoy the

Little Things

because someday, you will 

look back & realize they were the

Big Things.

Kind words

— Linsey

"we all absolutely loved you...your attention to detail & your energy is amazing! the love you have for what you do just radiates, and I couldn't be happier with our experience!"

— Judy

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures!!  I can't thank you enough!  Your talent, professionalism, kindness & generosity are all beyond words!  You are truly a gift!"

— Stephanie

"they were even better than i had dreamed!  we are all just over the moon! thank you for documenting our family so beautifully!"

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